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Welcome to the Redmayne-Bentley Client Web Access Area

Please read our Terms of Use.

  • This service is provided to you ('the client') of Redmayne-Bentley ('the firm'):
    • As part of your nominee service; or
    • At your request.
    You are responsible for the security of your login and account details. You must telephone us at once (with a written follow-up) if you become aware that another person has knowledge of your personal login credentials or has otherwise accessed your account(s) without your permission. You will be liable for any transactions or losses incurred on your account(s) due to unauthorised access until you notify us in writing or by e-mail that your security has been compromised.
  • Use of the service does not create any form of contract between the client and the firm. We reserve the right to refuse or remove access rights from clients at any time without notice or reason.
  • We will use all reasonable endeavours to provide you with continuous access to your account(s) on our website if you request access. We cannot be held responsible for any losses arising out of our website not being available for any reason whatsoever. You will not use our website services for any purpose which is unlawful, abusive or libellous.
  • Use of this service in no way modifies, extends, changes, or alters any existing investement business agreement you may have with the firm.
  • By using this service you agree to hold us harmless from any consequential losses you may suffer directly or indirectly whatsoever based on the information provided within the site regarding those portfolios to which you have access.
  • From time to time we may make reference to third-party providers or use information provided by third-party providers on our website. We cannot be held responsible for any losses caused by clients' reliance on information provided by third parties.
  • If you have queries of any kind, they should be directed to your usual contact within the firm.
  • From time to time we may include information regarding or promoting particular investments or instruments on our website. These investments or instruments may not be suitable or appropriate for all investors and should not be regarded as a specific client promotion or recommendation.
  • If there are discrepancies between written information sent to you concerning your account(s) and online information then the written information is to be taken as definitive.
  • With the exception of the ‘Terms’ section of the website and specific documents intended to be downloaded by clients, no part of the site may be copied or reproduced in any format.
  • Prices of securities shown are indicative and do not imply that any particular holding of securities can be realised at this price.
  • Partners and employees of Redmayne-Bentley may have a position or engage in transactions in any of the securities held in your account(s). The price of investments and dividends paid on them may fall and you may get back less than you invested.
  • Shareholder Notices (Company Information, Voting and AGM Attendance) are provided solely in relation to UK, North America and Ireland equities within a Redmayne-Bentley nominee account. Funds, bonds and overseas holdings are not part of the service provided by Redmayne-Bentley and any preferred third-party supplier(s).
  • Where details of Shareholder Notices (Company Information, Voting and AGM Attendance) are provided as a result of you, the client, opting in to receive notifications in relation to your nominee holdings, Redmayne-Bentley will endeavour to action your requests through our preferred third-party supplier. However, we are not responsible for delays or issues surrounding the delivery of ‘letters of attendance’ as a result of postal or technical issues. The following terms will also apply should you, the client, opt-in to receive such notifications:

    Details of any Annual General Meeting (AGM), Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), Ordinary or Special Meeting for your holdings in North America, UK and Ireland will be listed within the Messages page of your account. You do not need to take any action with these notifications; however, each event will provide you with a link for the following two options:

    1) Input a proxy election (Free of Charge) - This service authorises the Chairman to vote on your behalf as instructed in your absence. A list of the resolutions being submitted for approval will be shown, along with the Board/Company recommendations to Shareholders on which way to vote. These are recommendations only and you can vote however you wish.

    2) Request to attend the meeting in person (£25/€35 plus VAT) - If you submit an attendance request you may vote in person on the resolutions raised. An attendance card will be sent to your home address or an address of your choice. It confirms that you are the beneficial owner and entitled to vote on your shareholding. When attending the meeting, you will be required to produce your attendance card and photo ID (e.g. passport, driving license). An administrative fee of £25/€35 (plus VAT) will be invoiced shortly after your request is made.

    Redmayne-Bentley reserves the right to alter these Terms of Use at any time. Notification of any changes will be made available on our website.